On this week's episode I have Deadpool, Aero, Captain Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy, Middlewest and the surprise return of DIE! DIE! DIE!


On this show I have X-Men, Darth Vader, Batman Curse of The White Knight, Farmhand, X-Men/Fantastic Four and X-Force. 

If you want to skip past the Wandom Wambling of Walker that happens at the beginning of this thing you can skip to about 8:51. Yes I go on for a good bit, sorry...

On this week's episode I have Guardians of The Galaxy, Wolverine, Middlewest, Captain Marvel and Marauders. 

On this week's episode I have Deadpool, Joker/Harley Criminal Insanity, Aero, X-Men/Fantastic Four and Darth Vader. I'm warning you now this is probably my worst episode yet with all the technical difficulties, but it is what it is. It might even be so bad it's good...

On this week's episode I have Farmhand, X-Force, X-men, Middlewest, Guardians of The Galaxy and Captain Marvel.

The special episode is some of the crazy that went down at The Battle Royale With Cheese. If you are interested in checking out the entire evening of super awesome fun check out my YouTube channel.

Hey, everyone it's been a little bit since I did an episode about comics so this is it! I talk about the current state of the X-Men, Deadpool, this crazy Kylo Ren origin story, my new favorite love interest Aero and yes even some DC stuff!

On this episode I go over the House of X and Powers of X books and talk about how the X-Men got to the point they are currently at and how these 2 books changed the X-Men history.

This special episode is an interview from Nerd Con with the original voice of Bulma from Dragon Ball Tiffany Vollmer. Such a super nice person and the stories she has to tell I have no doubt that I could fill a months worth of content, lol.

Check out Tiffany on Facebook and Instagram @theogbulma

Also check out https://mediatech.edu/ if you are interested in an associate degree or diploma in audio recording, digital film & video production, acting for media, master makeup artistry, animation, mobile app and web development.

For this episode I get to sit with local Houston actor Blake Weir. We talk about his voice acting career, love of anime, video games and much much more.

Be sure to check out Blake on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with everything he has going on.

Also don't forget about Nerd Con going down December 7th in Mont Belvieu, TX where you can meet Blake.

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